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Tina N.
Tina N.
New York, NY

I have been taking my Porsche to Powertech for the past few years. They have always been professional and honest. I do drive far to get my car serviced but I know that they will take good care of the car and will stand behind their services.

I went to a Porsche dealership by me to get the fuse behind the radio changed and they pushed me so hard to buy a brand new cd/radio for $2000+. I took my Porsche back to Powertech for some routine maintenance and Jake fixed it in 5 minutes at no charge. Apparently, the buttons were just stuck.

David C.
David C.
Newton, NJ

Powertech is the place for helping care for your Porsche. They are very knowledgeable about all Porsches and always friendly and helpful.

If you want to keep yours stock they can help you with advice and maintenance and keeping the price reasonable.

If you want to modify your Porsche for street or track, they can help you all the way.

They even carry quality used Porsches or can help you inspect any used ones you may consider purchasing.

Best of all, you are never merely a customer. once you start become family!

Arnold S.
Arnold S.
Denville, NJ

I have been going to Powertech for over 23 years. They have taken care of all my Porsches all eight of them from a 1971 911 S Targa to a 2005 911 turbo S Cabriolet. They have maintained them and had enhanced some of my cars with awesome and reliable upgrades. They stand behind their work the quality of their work is excellent.

Finally I have commissioned them to build a 1973 Carrera RS from a 1980 911SC. The work is progressing well and the quality of the work of my clone is excellent. I trust them.

John V.
John V.
Hewitt, NJ

One of the best independent shops to use for servicing your Porsche. Use them to align my Cayenne Turbo. A shop you can trust.

Chris S.
Chris S.
Bernardsville, NJ

Been taking my 2007 911 turbo to Powertech for 8 years. Both Mike and Jake as well as all of their staff are always pleasant to deal with and never try to up-sell. Their rates are fair and the work is always excellent and thorough. Powertech is really the only place to take your Porsche for expert repairs and upgrades.

Shue K.
Shue K.
Parsippany, NJ

Powertech has been providing excellent reliable and on-target services on my Porsche vehicles since 1996. Mike is extremely knowledgeable about Porsches, friendly, courteous, speaks directly and flexible in handling my vehicles' needs. Just very nice and capable professionals.

Alf P.
Alf P.
Montclair, NJ

Mike and the Powertech team are all things Porsche, whether it's servicing, race tuning and preparation, or thoughtful restorations, they are absolutely top-drawer. I've had everything from routine oil changes, clutch replacement, etc., through to full engine replacement in my 996 series 911 by Powertech. In addition to their excellent work on your Porsche, they support Porsche owners by providing free tech training sessions, covering every day maintenance of your Porsche, through to sophisticated upgrades and performance care. They also throw in BBQ events at different times in the year to bring the local Porsche owner community together, and help foster the sharing of knowledge and the Porsche experience.

Matt B.
Matt B.
Jersey City, NJ

First off, Powertech only services and works on Porsches. So any other makes need to find somewhere else. But for anyone looking for an excellent Porsche shop in Northern Jersey, this place is great. I went to them on recommendation of a couple members of the Porsche Club of NJ, and what I got was (better than?) a dealer's level of expertise without the dealer's prices. The fact they only service Porsches means they service a LOT of Porsches, and know what they're doing.

I took my 2004 Boxster in for some brake work that made itself apparent on a drive from Chicago to NJ. They did the work on time, at the price they quoted, by the time they stated. They gave me great prices on the parts, the labor was pricey, but reasonable (especially for a Porsche) and the time billed was in line with the time they actually spent, not just the "book value" that some places rely on. They threw in a free hand wash and a tire balance, and the work is perfect. You see vintage, modern, and every Porsche in between in their work bay, and they install every kind of aftermarket part you'd want.

Now, I just need to find a good independent Porsche shop in Chicago!

"Best Porsche shop in NJ hands down. Run by true enthusiasts who love Porsche!!!" -- Andreas

"Thank you and everyone at Powertech for making my Porsche better than ever. It is running great. The performance increase with the new improved engine is just terrific." -- Scott

"They gave great service at a more than fair price and, when it came time to sell, they took care of that for me also, obtaining a price sufficiently above what I could have managed on my own to more than cover their fee. If you have a Porsche then you owe it to yourself to pay these guys a visit and see what keeps people coming back to them year after year." -- Barry Click here to see my blog post

"I didn't realize how bad the rear wheel bearings were until you replaced them. HUGE difference. Quiet as a Camry now. Thanks for the excellent job." -- Gary

"Thank you so much for taking care of my 964. I love how you take care of my car. It handles great! You guys are true professionals. I am so lucky to have found you!" -- Jason

"To everyone @ Powertech, I want to personally thank you all, and especially Keith, for the work done on my old friend, the Zipper. It's was very emotional to drive MY old friend up the ramps of old rusty yesterday. It felt so right to sit in and fire up that Old Bold Forest Green, machine. I was thinking about writing a long eulogy for the old gal, but that is going to have to wait. I understand there are no guarantees, and it was a fix - not a new engine. She might come apart the first day, or I might do something stupid, but I don't think that will happen. That old girl's got too much pride to let me down and she has always watched over me and protected me, miraculously, at times, from getting myself in too much trouble. It's going to be a good weekend, thanks to you. I also want to add that I very much appreciate excellent service that you have given me and my family of cars over the last 15 years. The wheels for 2Zip look great and the shake in the steering is completely gone. I think you guys are great! Zipper LIVES...almost 300,000 miles 32 years young." -- Dyke

"That noise did not rear its ugly head all the way home to Hoboken so I think she is gone... I have to say I was thoroughly satisfied with the help I was provided - as well your man Jake has always been super helpful on all occasions especially any email questions. That type of prompt response and help will definitely make me a repeat customer." – Justin

"Good Morning Mike Thanks for the follow up. The car sounds much better than stock, and thanks for doing a quality job! See you next year!" -- David

"I can truly say, that my first experience with Powertech was very positive. The consultation and processing in my particular case handled by Jake was very professional and pleasant. Overall I felt in "good hands" and I can confirm that your team knows what they are doing. That's a feeling you want as an owner of a 993.
From what I can tell so far the car feels way better, not as nervous in the straight line as before. Just a great solid handling. The vibrations form the front are really minor now (only at around 65-70mph) and overruled by the great "new" handling. Since I have to bring the car in again for the AC hose, I'll probably go with Jake's offer to put a set of loaner wheels/tires on the front to see if they cause the minor vibration. Keep up the good work." -- Christian

"Thanks for the follow-up. I was going to call you today, to mention that everything seemed fine. The car drove well, accelerated well and really shifted like it never did before; smoothly. I really think you guys did a good job and would recommend you highly to my colleagues." – Dan

"Thank you guys for the quick and professional service. I am letting my Porsche owning friends know about your operation." – Damian

"I tried to call twice today to let you know the car drives better now than when it was new, much better. The handling is stiffer and the brakes and clutch work and feel stronger than they have for quite a while. I haven't really pushed it but it seems like the car might have had more power before , maybe just richer in the mix before, but overall even and strong performance so far. The car is much more quiet than with the old manifold and I do not smell exhaust anymore which is much appreciated. I cannot get over the fact that it keeps pulling no matter how much I ask of it, it seems to have an incredible amount of power without ever any lag. I wish i could drive it on a track to really understand how great it is! Thanks for all your hard work and knowledge, it is great to have a true pro working on my Porsche!!" -- Jason

"I am very happy with the work you guys did. It is nice to be able to drive the car with confidence. Thanks for the great work. I will be contacting you guys when I hit 1500 miles on this belt." -- Chuck

"I only drove the car home to North Caldwell from your shop but I gotta tell ya it runs strong and feels great. Great job!!!" -- Iggy

"The car is great, I really appreciate all the great works you guys did. Jake and you are always super helpful. Thanks again." -- Wayne

Porsche seems to be running just fine, world of a difference from the new engine. Even just crank over is a million miles from where it was when I got the car." -- Alf

"The car is running great, and will hopefully run great with your help. I just wanted to let you know that Jake is great. He answered all my questions, and I had many. He was very professional and knowledgeable. You seem to have a great team, and I look forward to many years of good honest service from you guys." -- Steve

"I just wanted to take a minute and thank you guys for taking care of my Cayenne. I have been completely satisfied with your recommendations for upgrades as well as the level of service I received each time I visited your shop. Purchasing my first Porsche had me a little nervous after hearing about some of the maintenance and repair costs associated with ownership. Knowing that I can come to you guys and receive professional and knowledgeable service at very fair costs really does provide me with "peace of mind". Little touches like the follow up call or email to see how everything is going afterwards really does make the difference! Thanks again. Already thinking about my next upgrade..." -- Eric

"It was a pleasure doing business with Powertech. A month or so ago I was scouting for workshops in order to get some work done on my car. I did not want to go to the dealership because I realized that they were quite expensive and the work done did not meet my expectations. I was browsing the internet, Rennlist forums, PCA forums.. that's when I came across Powertech. Immediately I made some calls, spoke with Jake who was very courteous and got back to me with estimates after a weekend. I was quite surprised with the numbers that he quoted when compared with what the dealership estimated (just for the suspension work).

My car also had a dented oil-return pipeline which I discovered over the summer. When I asked the dealership, or the indie mechanic near my house, both reckoned it had to be replaced and can't be repaired. But when I mentioned about the problem to Jake, he promptly said that he would try to repair it to his best, and then have it replaced if it wouldn't work out. Not only this, but other issues that may need to be addressed with my car were also mentioned, which is very nice of you guys. Overall I am extremely pleased with the service and the hospitality at Powertech. I'll recommend the place to anyone I know with a Porsche." -- shyam

"So far so good ..... Thanks again for taking me on such short notice. You guys are the best !!!!" – George

"I dropped the keys off to the Porsche to my friend last week on Wednesday and he was completely speechless that the car was drivable again. Thanks again for the great service and accommodating my request on such short notice." -- Vatsal


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