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Fueled by a Passion for All Things Porsche®
Service, Parts, Performance & Sales

Our Story

Fueled by a passion for all things Porsche®
A commitment to providing excellent service
A wealth of technical knowledge and experience

Since 1991, POWERTECH's state-of-the-art service center expertly manages the most diverse in-house service capabilities with a thorough knowledge of Porsche® car repair and enhancement capabilities. POWERTECH's ASE Certified technicians utilize advanced technology and diagnostic equipment to provide a wide range of capabilities.

POWERTECH has developed long and trusting relationships with our customers who rely on us for our expertise, experience and knowledge to take care of all of their Porsche® service needs – from routine dealer recommended maintenance or a basic oil change to complete diagnostics, engine rebuilding and performance upgrades.


POWERTECH started out small, but grew fast. Keith Peare and Mike Daino decided to open their own shop after working together for four years. They both share a burning desire to expertly advise their customers of the finest maintenance for their car and the very best solutions for their driving needs.

Keith and Mike began their careers by fixing up and racing old VW bugs. When they met at a track event in 1985, they both owned 914's and worked for local NJ Porsche® shops. Coincidentally, they soon found themselves working at the same Porsche® shop in Morristown, NJ. Keith and Mike then decided to open POWERTECH in April of 1991 in an old gas station in Rockaway, NJ.

Keeping up with the latest technology and what's of interest in the newest Porsche models are not only part of their commitment to their customers but a joy and hobby shared by them and all at POWERTECH.

Our Team


Keith Peare

Keith started drag racing at Englishtown with VW's in 1971. He bought his first Porsche®, a 1972 914® 1.7, in 1978. In 1983, he began working as a Porsche® mechanic in a Porsche®/Volkswagen shop and started to participate in track events with the PCA. In 1987, he began to work in a different Porsche® shop with Mike Daino in Morristown NJ. By 1988, Keith built an E Production 914® to participate in the SCCA. He ran it in the SCCA until 1992, and within those 4 years, he went to the SCCA Runoffs 4 times. In 1992, Keith won the Northeast National Division championship.

In 1991, Keith and Mike Daino opened the doors to POWERTECH in Rockaway while starting to race in PCA racing events. In the last 20 plus years, Keith has won dozens of PCA races and Worker's Choice Awards as well as the admiration of hundreds (thousands?) of online fans. Keith's goal is still the same as it always has been; to drive as fast, or faster, than anyone else around him!

Ryan Petrecz

Joined the Powertech team in 2017.

Rob Hoffman

Joined the Powertech team in 2016.

Congrats to Retirement!


Mike Daino

In 1991, Mike and Keith started POWERTECH, an exclusive Porsche® only service facility. Mike has been a motor-head from a very young age. After experiencing his initial addictions to Go-Karts and motorcycles, Mike learned to drive a manual transmission car in a field behind his grandparents' home. He was only nine years old and the car was a 1957 Corvette! Growing up with many sports cars in his family, from his father's Corvettes and Jaguars to his mother's Triumph Spitfire, caused Mike to begin a life long passion for the best of the best, the Porsche®. Best of luck with your future!


Mike Carr

Mike bought his first Porsche®, a 914-4®, in 1977 and joined the PCA. He also owned a 924-S® in 2001 and 2002 and had an original concours-winning 914-6®. He has been a driving instructor since 1981 and now has been a chief instructor since 1993. In 1986, Mike had won the division of the Porsche® Parade Concours in Portland and was a Firehawk crew member. He then became a Firehawk crew chief in 1987. Mike has been a Porsche service technician since 1983 and has a record of outstanding excellence in keeping up with current technology. Enjoy retirement and don't forget to stop by the shop to fill us in on your latest adventures!


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